Mustang Trek 2014 -part 1

Mustang, Nepal

Mustang (from the Tibetan möntang, Nepali: "fertile plain") is the former Kingdom of Lo where Tibetic languages are still widely spoken and traditional Tibetan culture remains. This is synonymous with "Upper Mustang", comprising the northern two-thirds of Mustang District of Dhawalagiri Zone. The southern third of the district is called Thak and is the homeland of the Thakali, who speak the Thakali language, and whose culture combines Tibetan and Nepalese elements. 

Mustang's status as a kingdom ended in 2008 when its neighbor, the Kingdom of Nepal became a republic. The influence of the outside world, especially China, is growing and contributing to rapid change in the lives of Mustang's people.

The 16 day Mustang trek covered a distance of approximately 130 miles. through  the high desert Mustang Valley on the Tibetan plateau on the border with China.  Each day we averaged between 8 to 10 miles,  depending upon our itinerary and the terrain.